A destination of dazzling temples and tombs

Let’s tip-toe into Egypt

Places of attraction in Egypt include ancient structures, monasteries, temples, tombs, museums, endless deserts and classic shopping arcades. The country offers a host of options for beach lovers and sun-bathers. The shoreline of Egypt is scintillating and scattered with golden sands. The capital city of Cairo is a playground for urban lovers. Cairo is dotted with cafes restaurants, amazing stays and an international airport making travel easy for the visitors. The country offers a liberal and fun-loving attitude to the gazers and wanderers. River Nile snakes its way through the middle of the country offering unbeatable vistas and engaging experiences.

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Hot spots in Egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of the most common topics when talking about traveling and exploring.

Luxor Temples & Tombs

The region is famed for an array of sites to stop by and get awe-struck. Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, & the Temple of Hatshepsut are some of the ancient temples that have been raised by the earlier civilisation of the country. The place is a kingdom of residencies of the Pharaohs. It is quite unimaginable for any visitor to sink into the past Egyptian civilisation and its dwellings. The beautiful temple of Karnak and Luxor are gems of the eastern bank of Luxor. The region is decorated with museums that enable learning and understanding Egyptian culture and beliefs.

Cruising the Nile

Egypt and the Nile are metaphorically and ironically knit. Cruising your way through the Nile is the most peaceful and serene way to experience the temples dotted on the banks of the river. The Nile serves as the lifeline for the country’s economic development and life-sustaining essentials. Tribal villages that thrive on the banks of the river are warm and friendly in nature. Thus, making your Egypt experience immersive. The palm-studded banks of the Nile offer magical vistas during sunrise and sunset. Enjoy your cruises on traditional vessels felucca that operate multiple times a day.

Gazing at the mighty Pyramids

The pyramids in Egypt are the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Mimicking mammoth-sized wonders, these pyramids remain a huge mystery today. You can approach the wonder of the world through camel rides, and vehicles and even walk some bit of your way. Multiple tombs in this region are guarded by The Sphinx. The site occupies a top position in any Egypt itinerary. More than 5000 years old, these structures have survived the testing times and have stood strong in the blaze of scorching heat and golden dunes. Pyramids are a must for your Egyptian holiday.

Abu Simbel

A country that is a kingdom of temples, Abu Simbel holds the throne with a silver lining. Colossal statues guard the entrance of the temple evoking the grandest statues of Egyptian Gods. The interior of the temple is ornated with multi-coloured paintings depicting the beliefs and customs of the early civilisations. The Abu Simbel Temple is largely acknowledged for its engineering techniques used in those times. The entire temple was recently moved to a new location to save it from the impact of rising neighbouring waters. The megalithic Temple of Ramses II continues to leave its visitors stunned.

A must for your bucket list

Egypt is a versatile destination. You discover amazing mysteries in various ways. Head to the land of secrets and explore the country like you want to.

Religious Tourism

Islamic landmarks and temples of Gods and Goddesses offer a rich and authentic religious experience to travellers around the world. The religious beliefs and customs revolving around the Egyptian civilisation are endearing.

Cultural Tourism

Through Cultural Tourism, travellers get to explore the country’s culture and traditions that have been preserved for ages. Irresistible temples and cities turn impressive and magnetic to visitors.

Leisure Tourism

Egypt is loaded with recreational activities. This kind of platter offers exhaustive options for leisure to travellers. Surprisingly Egypt turns out a showstopper for people looking for a leisure vacation.

Medical Tourism

Egypt is famed for its healing landscapes and medical treatment techniques. The divine land practices age-old methods of body repairs, and mind healing that attracts thousands of visitors annually.

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